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High Powered

Make good nutrition easier. Period.

You do your best when you feel your best, right?

Give yourself an edge with 24 high powered smoothie recipes

made with ingredients proven to optimize the way women feel and perform.

Why Smoothies
Are Awesome...

The foods you eat play a massive role in determining how you feel - for better or worse.

  • Unfortunately, many women are missing out on key nutrients and are stuck feeling and performing sub-optimally as a result.


  • Energy, bloat, mood, cognition, PMS, immune function, sleep quality, headaches, inflammation, cravings, and even hair and nail health are all affected by the foods you eat, so choosing the right ones and getting enough of them is crucial.

If you're like so many women, you're likely missing out on these important 'high powered' foods.

  • You're too busy and too tired to sift through the info on the web, to create the recipes, to wash and prep tons of ingredients, and to do a giant clean-up afterward.


  • You're regularly consuming anti-nutrients (the bad guys that actually harm your health when you eat them) in place of high powered foods that enable you to self-optimize.


High Powered
Smoothie Recipe Pack

The High Powered Smoothie Recipe Pack was created to help you cover your nutritional bases in a way that's super quick, easy, portable...and actually tastes good.

If you've been wanting to optimize your nutrition for a while but you've been stuck in a rut, too overwhelmed, too tired or pressed for tie to actually do something about it, this recipe pack is the perfect way to kickstart better eating habits or get you dialed back in after a sabbatical ;)

Image by Mor Shani

What You Get.

When you purchase your High Powered Smoothie Recipe Pack, you'll get everything you need to succeed:


  Instant PDF Download of the Recipe Pack 

✓  24 High Powered Smoothie Recipes

 ✓ High Res. Recipe Pictures

✓  Ingredients + Prep Instructions

✓  Prep Times + Serving Sizes

✓  Nutritional Information

✓  Tips for Storage and Ingredient Swaps

 Access to me for Questions, Support + Troubleshooting

✓  Link for free Self-Optimization Tools + Training

Get the pack!


High Powered
Smoothie Ritual

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Sneak Peek of What You'll Get

Still have questions?

If you're excited about the High Powered Smoothie Recipe Pack but you still have some questions you'd like to get ironed out before purchasing,

I'm always more than happy to chat with you, to answer your questions and to help you find clarity

so you can make the best decision for you and your circumstances.

Get in touch with me here

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