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The Overhaul

Totally transform your lifestyle and become the healthiest, most unstoppable version
of you - ever.

The Overhaul Incubator is all about developing the lasting self-optimization behaviors
that will get you feeling and performing your best, LONG-TERM.

This 6-month incubator is designed to help you understand and become self-sufficient in working out, eating nutritiously,  getting great restorative sleep, and managing mind and body stress CONSISTENTLY...for the rest of your life.

Things You'll Gain
From The Incubator...

✔️A solid understanding of, and 6 months guided practice at, structuring nutrient-dense meals that fuel your life  by optimizing your energy, your physical + mental health, and your cognitive capacity


✔️An ingrained fitness ritual that will have you exercising with the frequency, the intensity, and the consistency required to strengthen your body and your mental grit so you can show up and kick ass - in the gym AND in real life


✔️Optimized Sleep and Wake routines that will set you up for high quality recovery so you can wake up feeling rested, focused and ready to takeover the world


✔️A repertoire of go-to performance boosters you’ll know how to use to hack your biology by increasing energy, immune function and cognition


✔️An in-depth understanding of how to set - and stick to - the boundaries that will enable you to keep the promises you make to yourself so you can finally break with your unhealthy self-perpetuation and embrace new, self-optimizing behaviours that will empower you to live your very best life


✔️Powerful alignment with inner source values that will fuel your ‘why’ so you can maintain motivation and stay laser focused on your end-game and what matters to you


✔️6 months practice at learning how to navigate the challenges that will inevitably come up  (whether external or internal) and a portfolio of evidence that proves you’ve done it


✔️Unprecedented confidence in your ability to actually do the things you know you CAN - AND SHOULD- be doing to self-optimize so you can self-actualize

Overhaul Incubator


Rather than trying to take on everything at once, the Overhaul Incubator is set up to introduce you to ONE CONCEPT AT A TIME.

This sets you up for success because it enables you to block out the noise, cut the overwhelm and get laser focused on the task at hand. When you do this, you’ll find it much easier (and more enjoyable) to develop each new high powered behavior.


The Overhaul Incubator is all about STRATEGY and SEQUENCE.

The Overhaul Incubator is broken down into ‘mini’ challenges designed to help you focus on - and master - your new self-optimizing behaviors. These mini challenges are structured strategically and sequentially so that each new self-optimizing behavior creates a solid foundation for the next, and each sequential behavior builds off and solidifies its predecessor. (Finally, a self-perpetuating cycle that actually works in your favor!)


The Overhaul Incubator is designed to help you replace doubt and sabotage with CONFIDENCE.

In your old way of doing things you bite off more than you can chew, you get stressed out and overwhelmed, you fall off the wagon.

After a few more unsuccessful attempts to get back on, you abandon the mission altogether. Over time, this results in a collection of "evidence" your brain uses to “prove” your limitations exist,  and is what’s responsible for reinforcing self-doubt and self-sabotaging thoughts like “I can’t”...or “I won’t”. When you’ve built enough limiting evidence up against yourself and your abilities, you knock yourself out of the game before you even start playing.

In The Overhaul Incubator, I’ll guide and support you through each new concept and behaviour change so that obstacles are met with solutions. When that self-critical voice tries to take over, I’ll be there to remind you of your wins. I’ll be there to keep you standing in your power, to help you keep those important promises you made to yourself, and to help KEEP YOU ON TRACK. Together, we’ll build so much evidence of your ability to COMMIT, to SUSTAIN, and to COMPLETE the self-optimizing behaviours that will help you feel and live your best, that your "Positive Proof Portfolio" will be bursting at the seams. Self-doubt will be replaced with self-assurance, and your growing confidence will continue to drive your ability to step beyond your comfort zones and create a life you're truly excited to live.

No misleading "21 Day Fixes" here; The Overhaul Incubator is designed to be MORE THAN A BANDAID SOLUTION.

We used to think that 21 days was all it took to form a new habit however, mounting research shows that a behaviour modification takes, on average, 66 days to become automatic. This doesn’t account for the many variations in the behavior being formed, the person trying to form the behaviour or the circumstances at play - all of which impact the duration required for a given individual to form a new habit that actually sticks.


In fact, according to a study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, the reality is that it will take most people anywhere from two to eight months to form and solidify a new behaviour. (A far cry from the 21 days that marketers have been luring us in with for decades!) Years of coaching women combined with my own background in behavior change psychology and a lot of trial and error has taught me that:


a) 3 months is enough time to make changes that start to yield results. This is when people start to get the hang of things and start to notice some positive outcomes in their lives as a result of the new behaviours, BUT...


b) 6 months is what it takes to really embed those changes; to create lasting patterns, to learn how to navigate the many inevitable curve balls that life will throw at you and to really become the upgraded version of yourself who’s capable of sustaining and maintaining your new self-optimized lifestyle​​ - which is why The Overhaul Incubator is 6 months, and not 21 days ;)

Image by Mor Shani

How it Works.

The Overhaul Incubator is a 6-month, private coaching partnership in which you get to work directly with me.

Upon application approval and sign-up, we will schedule a Private Deep Dive Coaching Session via Zoom to determine your goals and focus for the duration of the incubator. We'll agree on your official start date and your time in the Overhaul Incubator will commence!

You'll begin receiving your Self-Optimization challenges, lessons, and resources in strategic sequence, directly to your inbox.

Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls and Implementation Labs will be scheduled to help you navigate life as it happens, to help you find the solutions that you can't see right now, to keep you motivated, focused, and moving ever-closer towards self-optimization and self-actualization.

Ongoing virtual support and accountability from me will be provided to you between our coaching calls to keep you focused, on track, and successful.

Tuition + App

Tuition +
Application Details

The Overhaul Incubator runs for 6 months and will commence immediately following your private

Deep Dive Coaching Session with me.

Investment: $5997 CAD

*Payment plans are available.

If you're ready to overhaul your habits and your lifestyle to achieve self-optimization, please take a moment to apply.

Once I receive and review your application, I'll contact you to ensure this program is the right fit for you.

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What Women are Saying

Canva - Woman Jumping Wearing Green Backpack_edited.jpg


The Overhaul Incubator is literally everything I've been looking for. Trying to get a footing with all the information on the web is SO overwhelming and just having someone who you can have complete faith and trust in to give you guidance is HUGE.

Sunset dance_edited_edited.jpg


I love not having to think about what to do. With the Overhaul Incubator I have clear instructions and a plan!

Canva - null_edited_edited.jpg


Since starting the Overhaul Incubator my mindset has had a huge change. Before I felt like I was stuck where I was and there was no real progress I could make by myself.  With the knowledge from the program I feel really empowered to move forward.

Canva - Athletic Girl Jumping_edited_edited.jpg


The exercise and food I've incorporated into my life with the Overhaul Incubator have helped me a lot with my focus at work, my overall mood, and the way I take on new challenges. New challenges are exciting to me now instead of daunting. I've also seen a decline in my anxiety.

Still have questions?

If you're excited about The Overhaul Incubator but you still have some questions you'd like to get ironed out before signing up,

I'm always more than happy to chat with you, to answer your questions and to help you find clarity

so you can make the best decision for you and your circumstances.

Get in touch with me here

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