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Hey! Nice to meet you!

I'm Rhiannon.

(my clients call me Coach Rhi)

I'm a former corporate gal + athlete turned pro personal trainer + entrepreneur. I've got an addiction to self-optimization and I'm on a mission to help women takeover the world.

My specialty?

I help ambitious women like you do what it takes to feel your best and get the hard sh*t done so you can move powerfully forward in your life and your business.


I do this in two main ways:

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Sustainable, Female-Focused

Lifestyle Transformations

Using my background in exercise and nutritional sciences combined with 12+ years of specialized women's fitness, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle coaching.

Business Lightbulb Dollar Sign Icon.png

Customized Strategies to

Grow Your Small Biz

Using my background in marketing (I'm a b-school marketing major)  combined with 8 years of small business ownership and numerous successful projects

for YYC women.

My Lifestyle Transformation 



 You need help starting, or sticking with a consistent exercise ritual or healthy eating habits 

 You need someone to take the guesswork out of female-focused nutrition and exercise so all you have to do is show up, follow instructions, and get results

 You need a program that fits your busy schedule, gives you the option to do it from your phone or laptop, and gives you the most bang for your time and energy buck

✓ You need someone to help you form a better relationship to exercise, nutrition, and your body, while holding you accountable to prioritizing necessary self-care

 You need someone you can fully trust to cut through all the b.s. and conflicting info on the web, give you the straight goods, and guide your directly to results

✓ You want more energy, improved mood + cognition, fewer aches + pains, radiant skin, less bloat, crazy strength, and the best set of glutes you've ever owned ;)

Typing on a Laptop

My Business Coaching



 You need help organizing, prioritizing, and taking action on all of your brilliant ideas so you can ditch overwhelm, stress less, and grow without burning out

 You need someone to see the bigger picture that you can't see and help you move forward when you're overthinking or get stuck in the weeds

 You need someone to take the guesswork out of marketing with customized strategies that connect you directly to your ideal customers so you can make bank

 You need to optimize your website or social media but don't know where to start or don't have the time to do it

✓ You need help writing content that establishes your brand, speaks to your people, and results in sign-ups and sales

✓ You need help understanding numbers and metrics so you can see what's working and focus your energy, time, and $$$ on what matters most

✓ You need someone to hold you accountable to your vision, your passion, and your goals when you're low on confidence or procrastinating

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You've probably noticed...

that you do your best (in your life and your work)

when you feel your best (physically, mentally, and emotionally).

and you've likely felt...

the inextricable link between the state of your health and the state of your business -

each directly impacts the other,  for better or worse. 

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It's no Secret:

When you aren't optimized, you hold yourself back.


Despite wanting to do what it takes to create the amazing, fulfilling, successful life you desire, the brutal truth is that operating yourself (or your business) from suboptimal states results in mediocrity
and holds you back from living fiercely true to your potential.


When you don't feel good physically, mentally, or emotionally - everything starts feeling hard and you start falling behind.

If you haven't optimized your health, you're going be held back by things like:

✗  Fatigue and low energy

✗  Overwhelm, stress, and anxiety

✗  Self-Doubt and lack of confidence

✗  Inability to communicate and connect effectively

✗  Brain fog, lack of focus + creativity, feeling scattered

✗  Financial fear and insecurity 

✗  Increased likelihood to self-sabotage

This is exactly why optimizing the way you feel (physically, mentally, and emotionally) is NON-NEGOTIABLE if you want to stop playing small and start doing what it takes to achieve next-level success in your life and business.

Your ability to show up to life feeling energized, confident, courageous, and fiercely focused is the POWERFUL VARIABLE that determines the kind of existence you'll create for yourself.

Unfortunately, way too many ambitious, self-making women (like YOU!) are failing to get this stuff dialed-in and you're losing critical traction on your quest for success and a great life because of it.

Real talk:


If you're the kind of woman who's not down with settling for status-quo (and terrified of waking up in 10 years to a mediocre existence) then you have to get this stuff on lock.

Self-Optimization applies to your business in the same way it does to your health...

If you want to feel your best and succeed, you need to optimize your business by developing intelligent strategy, laying down critical infrastructure, and hooking yourself up with powerful accountability.

If you're failing to meet today's uber competitive marketing demands and unforgiving consumer expectations, or you've neglected to implement customized systems to help you manage what it takes to scale, then you and your business are NOT OPTIMIZED and you're going to be held back by things like:

✗  Confusion


✗  Stress + Anxiety




✗  $$$

✗  Burnout

✗  Self-Sabotage

When you're operating your business with suboptimal strategies and systems, it becomes really hard to powerfully channel your time and energy into the most needle-moving activities...

It also becomes a hell of a lot harder to derive enjoyment and satisfaction from the work you do.


Knowing exactly what to focus on each day, being able to confidently put yourself out there to amplify your brand, and feeling totally ready to scale without fear or overwhelm creeping in to self-sabotage you are just a few of the badass outcomes you can expect once you've optimized your biz.

I know you didn't start your business to see it fail or stall out. You started your business because you wanted to create something great. 

I'm also 100% certain that you didn't start your business to get burnt out. You started it because you wanted a livelihood that allowed you to thrive.




Without optimized strategies, systems, and supports in place, you'll continue to spin your wheels, drain your energy, and you'll exhaust yourself (and all of your resources) before you're able to achieve your dream.

Modern Workspace

If you've found your way here,
it's because you've been wanting to
show up more powerfully to your life.

You just need a little help making that happen.

I know that for ambitious, self-making women like you, asking for help isn’t always easy or comfortable.

You’re used to taking charge and doing everything yourself.

You’re used to figuring everything out for yourself.

But (and tough love here), if this was something you were going to figure out on your own, you would have done it by now.

Well, take a big sigh of relief because you've come to the right place.


I've spent an entire lifetime honing my natural ability to motivate, teach, and connect with people. 


It's what I'm really good at, and using my specialized knowledge + real-life experience to empower women to lead great lives is what I was put on this planet to do.


If you're ready to feel your best in mind, body, and business, I'd be honored to guide and support your transformation.


My Stats.



I was born to use my body for movement and I have an innate ability to understand human movement, both in my own body and in others'.


Because I love it so much, and understand it so deeply, I have a gift that enables me to help other women repair their relationship with their body and movement, and to find a love of their own for it - something that many of my clients have told me they never thought possible until having worked with me.


My movement background includes a lifetime of activity, sports, and competitive training paired with a university background in exercise sciences, a professional personal training designation, and years of specialized continued education that has equipped me with a killer skillset to help women in powerful ways that other coaches can't.


When it comes to food...I've done it all. I've done the diets, I've done the eating disorders, I've done the super clean and the super not-clean. I, like many women, have had a love/hate relationship with food (sometimes I still do...) and I understand the complexities of that relationship firsthand. 


It was in my first year of university that I discovered biochemistry as it relates to nutrition and how, through what I ate, I could intentionally manipulate my body's processes to create the outcome I wanted. At the time, that was a 6-pack (and it worked), but as I got older both my body and my priorities began to change and I realized that eating for HEALTH, cognition, and a sense of overall wellbeing were FAR more important (and more effective) than eating for aesthetics.


That led me down the rabbit hole of nutritional sciences and over the past 18 years, I've inhaled as much nutritional education, training, and experimentation as I have peanut butter by the spoonful (← my weakness!)


I understand how to use food (and all the goodies it contains) to fuel the body, the brain and ya, even our emotions. I've helped my clients redefine the way they see food and I've helped them build the tools needed to sustain the lifelong nutrition rituals needed for

self-optimization and success.


Ahhhh. Sleep. My happy place. Sleep is something I've felt like I could never get enough of and I've hated every alarm clock that ever existed.


Over the years, I've battled with insomnia, anxiety, depression, and pain that has waged war on my ability to get a good night's sleep and has in turn, created a personal obsession with learning how to hack it.


I've read all the books (including a 9-volume medical text book on sleep), I've tried all the gadgets and the apps, I've picked all the brains, and I've experimented obsessively (on myself, my fam, and my clients) to find the right combination of variables that actually make a great sleep possible (and make mornings wayyyyy less painful and the next day way more awesome.)


Sleep optimization is a critical component in self-optimization and I love that I'm able to help other women create sleep rituals that enable them to wake up, feel good, and kick ass the next day.


I've had an entrepreneurial spirit for as long as I can remember and I've got both the formal and informal chops to back it up.


My formal education includes Business Administration (majoring in Marketing), Public Relations and Communications, and Project Management.

My informal education comes from founding and operating my own small business. Over the past 8 years, I've literally had my hand in every aspect of my business and as a result, I have a wealth of strategies, tips, and trick that work in REAL LIFE to share with my clients.


Some of the accomplishments I'm most proud of are:

Building and sustaining my entire business on organic strategies alone

Earning an income that's enabled me to buy a house and finance a self-indulgent lifestyle

Forming meaningful, long-lasting relationships with my clients

 Implementing systems that allow me to work from the comfort of...wherever, while still having tons of time and energy for things like the gym, friends + family, date night, travel, and studies.

My expertise help my clients implement strategies that speak directly to their consumers to catalyze interest, increase revenue, and build loyalty to improve customer retention - all while saving you time and money spent on wasted efforts.

Most coaches have either formal education or real-life experience - I have both.  This gives my clients a badass edge in their businesses that other coaches can't provide.

Photo 2016-09-12, 5 42 17 PM_edited_edited.jpg


When it comes to helping others learn and connect with new concepts and behaviors, I've been doing it for as long as I can remember. I've been mentoring people for most of my life and have always been someone who people come to when they need a little help working through something hard and sticky, or making big decisions.


My official coaching experience began with many years teaching swimming, piano, and dance lessons. Later, during my stint in the corporate world, I trained new hires and mentored junior colleagues, and for the past decade, I've been teaching women from all walks of life how to optimize the way they feel - physically, mentally, and emotionally - with better movement, better sleep, better nutrition, and better relationships with themselves.


I'm a certified life coach and personal trainer, but I believe that my ability to coach women so effectively is rooted in my gift to empathize with people in a way that not only lets me truly understand them and give them what they need, but that enables them to take off their armor, show up as their true selves, and receive the guidance and support that will actually bring about real change within them.

If you're ready to feel your best and get sh*t done so you can move

powerfully forward in your life and your business,

I'd be honored to help you do what it takes.

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