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High Performance Coach for Women Leaders


It's time to get powerfully aligned...and powerful, period.

Rhiannon Tarrant

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from years of coaching and connecting with women...

it’s that it doesn’t matter how accomplished or ambitious you are; until you reach High Powered Badass Status, you'll never start living fiercely true to your potential.

To me, High Powered Badassery is...

showing up to your life in a way that enables you to do what you need to do and say what you need to say to take your success to the next level.

Becoming a High Powered Badass

means mastering how to show up to your life in ways that enable you to:

*Flip the Script on distracting, disempowering patriarchal belief systems that keep women playing small

*Break-with your unhealthy self-perpetuation (aka your crappy habits) so you can get - and STAY - in the 'SWEET' spot

*Create consistent, meaningful output the helps you excel

*Wake up and go to bed feeling powerfully aligned...and powerful, period

In my experience...

If you want to achieve next-level success in your life or biz, you'll need:

To get ENERGIZED and create a state of overall well-being so you can get up,

get going and get doing what needs to be done.

To Develop physical strength and mental grit to keep you going when you

least feel like it.

Crystal clarity of your values and purpose to effectively steer your ship in the direction of success while maintaining a sense of meaning and fulfillment.


Confidence and the Courage to unapologetically step into - and own - your role as a leader.

You'll need personal success systems to effectively manage 'all the things'

so you can keep you train from falling off the track.

And last but not least...

You'll need the unwavering support of other badass, self-making women whose knowledge, encouragement and solidarity will translate into tangible empowerment when you need it the most.

Bottom line is this:

You know you’re capable of great things and you’re here because you’re ready to take your game to the NEXT LEVEL.

You can feel the clock ticking.

You understand how imperative it is that you master the recipe for sustained high powered output that will help you excel.

You know it’s time to create better systems, to optimize your energy

and your physical & mental well-being.

You know it’s time to feel aligned, excited and fulfilled; to trust in your abilities and expertise,

to own your decisions and to enjoy sustained traction.

You know it’s time to harness the skill of High Powered Performance so you can start living fiercely true to your potential.

But putting all of the pieces together to make that happen isn’t so easy.

(If it was, wouldn't you already be doing it?)

Here's where my expertise come into play...

As a High Powered Success Mentor,

I elevate purpose and turn ambition into powerfully-aligned actualization.

I make sure that you not only create meaningful traction,

but that you keep it going.

As your High Performance Coach, I'm here to:

✔️Optimize the way you feel - physically, mentally and emotionally so you can show up to your life like the high powered badass that you know you need to be


✔️See the BIG PICTURE that you can't see​

✔️Take your roadblocks and flip the script on them so you can plow powerfully forward​

✔️Hold you to the important commitments you make to yourself​

✔️Keep you confidently standing in your power  

I’m a former corporate gal and athlete, turned High Performance Coach, pro personal trainer and entrepreneur with an addiction to self-development and a mission to help women takeover the world.

I mastered high powered performance as an athlete, then I mastered it in the corporate world and as a personal trainer and now I’m proving my prowess in entrepreneurship.

I'm a natural-born coach and I've spent over TWO DECADES honing my craft by coaching women in corporate, athletic and personal growth arenas.

Years of first-hand experience paired with my university education in sport psychology and both exercise and nutritional sciences have afforded me an in-depth understanding of human physiology and behaviour change - a skill set I leverage (like a mofo) to ignite and fuel my clients' progress in powerful ways that other coaches can't.

In fact, the way I strategically use FITNESS as a tool to START and SUSTAIN all things High Powered Output has yielded such powerful shifts and outputs for my clients (and myself!) that it's become a cornerstone in my 4 Pillar approach to High Powered Success Mentorship.

To Wrap it All Up:

 I know what it takes to get ENERGIZED; to create the enduring physical strength and the mental grit that you'll need if you're going to really step-up and do this; to own your role as a leader and to use your voice; to CREATE manage the many different hats you wear and to create CONSISTENT meaningful output that helps you excel; to provide for those relying on you while still prioritizing self-care and independence; to feel powerfully aligned...and powerful, period.

I want to help you #FlipTheScript on whatever’s been holding you back from taking your game to the NEXT LEVEL. I want to make sure that you never have to settle for ordinary, mediocre or status quo. I want to help you get your sh*t together, stop spinning your wheels, stop stressing and FINALLY start doing the BADASS things you know you CAN - and SHOULD - be doing.

My unique background and 4 PILLAR METHOD is what sets me apart from 'conventional' coaches. It's what gives me and my clients an edge. It's how we'll get you dominating your existence.

Let’s make it happen.

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