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Hello! Thanks for stopping by.

I'm Rhiannon, better known as Coach Rhi, and I help women self-optimize

so they can self-actualize.

That's a powerful statement when you think about it.


As Women, We Do Our Best When We Feel Our Best.

And when we don't?

We fall out of alignment.

We get disconnected with who we really are, what we really want, and what's really important to us.


We stop standing up, speaking up, and showing up.


We neglect ourselves, our relationships and our goals.

When we don't feel good, we lack the personal resources needed to take charge of ourselves, our thoughts, and our behaviors. 


When we don't feel good, we lack the personal resources needed to actually get out there and do the things that light us up, make life fun, rewarding and enjoyable.

When we aren't self-optimized, we get stuck.

Despite wanting to make positive changes that will enable us to create the exciting, fulfilling, amazing lives we desire for ourselves, the brutal truth is that when we're operating in suboptimal states,

we just can't.


Too tired.

Too stressed.

Too overwhelmed.

Too broke.

Too scared.

Too down.

Too ashamed.

Too self-conscious. 

When we don't feel good physically, mentally, or emotionally - everything starts feeling hard and out of reach...

Spending more quality time with your friends and family, getting up earlier to take care of yourself, adventuring and experiencing more of the awesomeness of this world, furthering your education, your career or your business...


The truth is that each of us was put here to become someone.


Each of us was put here to realize the potential that lives inside of us.


Each of us was put here to maximize our time during this earthly experience, to create an amazing, abundant, successful existence, and to really, truly LIVE.




When we don't feel good, we can't do that.

If you've found your way here, it's because you're not ready to give up on yourself -

You just need some help making the changes that will get you feeling better
...and feeling empowered.

I know exactly where you're at because I've been there (in a BIG way!) and I've figured out how to find myself, my direction and my drive again using what I call High Powered Rituals to optimize my physical, mental and emotional states.


I've also helped many other women do the same thing over my coaching career and my time in the health and fitness industry.


If you're ready to self-optimize so you can self-actualize, I'd be honored to guide and support you on your journey to an self-optimized, self-actualized, YOU.


Coach Rhi

I know this is the part of my website where I'm supposed to recount my "story" and tell you how I got from Point A to Point B however, my story is still in the making and I'm still experimenting, making mistakes, learning, and evolving every day.


What you do need to know if you're interested in self-optimization and self-actualization, is that I've spent an entire lifetime honing my natural ability to motivate, teach, and connect with people -  and to the human body. 


It's what I'm really good at and using my knowledge, experience, and my innate gifts to help other women feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally is what I was put on this planet to do.

My Stats.


I was born to use my body for movement and I have an innate ability to understand human movement, both in my own body and in others'.


Because I love it so much, and understand it so deeply, I have a gift that enables me to help other women repair their relationship with their body and movement, and to find a love of their own for it - something that many of my clients have told me they never thought possible until having worked with me.


My movement background includes a lifetime of activity, sports, and competitive training paired with a university background in exercise sciences, a professional personal training designation, and years of specialized continued education that has equipped me with a killer skillset to help women in powerful ways that other coaches can't.


When it comes to food...I've done it all. I've done the diets, I've done the eating disorders, I've done the super clean and the super not-clean. I, like many women, have had a love/hate relationship with food (sometimes I still do...) and I understand the complexities of that relationship first hand. 


It was in my first year of university that I discovered biochemistry as it relates to nutrition and how, through what I ate, I could intentionally manipulate my body's processes to create the outcome I wanted. At the time, that was a 6-pack (and it worked), but as I got older both my body and my priorities began to change and I realized that eating for HEALTH and a sense of overall wellbeing was FAR more important (and more effective) than eating for aesthetics.


That led me down the rabbit hole of nutritional sciences and over the past 18 years, I've inhaled as much nutritional education, training, and experimentation as I have avocado and dark chocolate ;)


I understand how to use food (and all the goodies it contains) to fuel the body, the brain and ya, even our emotions. I've helped my clients redefine the way they see food and I've helped them build the tools needed to sustain the lifelong nutrition rituals needed for self-optimization.


Ahhhh. Sleep. My dear old pal. Sleep is something I've felt like I could never get enough of and I've hated every alarm clock that ever existed.


Over the years, I've battled with insomnia, anxiety, depression and pain that has waged war on my ability to get a good night's sleep and has in turn, created a personal obsession with learning how to hack it.


I've read all the books (I've even "borrowed" a 9-volume text book on sleep from a relative who is a physician), I've tried all the gadgets and the apps, I've picked all the brains and I've experimented obsessively (on myself, my fam and my clients) to find the right combination of variables that actually make a great sleep possible (and make mornings wayyyyy less painful and the day way more awesome.)


Sleep optimization is a critical component in self-optimization and I love that I'm able to help other women create sleep rituals that enable them to wake up, feel good, and kick ass the next day.


When it comes to helping others learn and connect with new concepts and behaviors, I've been doing it for as long as I can remember. I've been mentoring people for most of my life and have always been someone who people come to when they need a little help working through something hard and sticky, or making big decisions.


My official coaching experience began with many years teaching swimming, piano, and dance lessons. Later, during my stint in the corporate world, I trained new hires and mentored junior colleagues, and for the past decade, I've been teaching women from all walks of life how to optimize the way they feel - physically, mentally, and emotionally - with better movement, better sleep, better nutrition, and better relationships with themselves.


I'm a certified life coach and personal trainer, but I believe that my ability to coach women so effectively is rooted in my gift to empathize with people in a way that not only lets me truly understand them and give them what they need, but that enables them to take off their armor, show up as their true selves, and receive the guidance and support that will actually bring about real change within them.

If you're ready to get unstuck, reclaim your life and start living fiercely true to your potential, I'd be honored to help you start your journey.

Here's how to work with me:


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