Just. F*cking. Do. It.⁣

Real talk: Growing up, I was always told that I was too impulsive; that I acted before I thought things all the way through.⁣

I was taught that 'just doing it' was a bad thing.⁣

I was taught that I should slow down.⁣

That I should be more cautious.⁣

That I shouldn't make a move until/unless I knew exactly what the outcome would be...⁣

Not gonna lie, it pisses me off that I was taught these things.⁣

I learned that my natural propensity to fearlessly act on my ideas, my desires and to take risks was bad - something about myself that I needed to change.⁣

This led to over analyzing EVERYTHING. To an all-or-nothing, win/loss mentality: if I cant guarantee that this will be perfect, that I will be perfect, then I'm not even gonna throw my hat in the ring.⁣

It led to waiting. Waiting until...⁣

I had the $.⁣

I had the education.⁣

I had the body.⁣

I had the courage.⁣

There have been so many brilliant ideas that I've let pile up over the years because I've been waiting for the perfect moment, perfect set of circumstances etc.⁣

Like so many things in life, I've come full circle and I'm working on flipping the script on what I've been taught about muting myself...about waiting.⁣

I'm learning that those who wait, keep waiting.⁣

Those who make a move toward something, keep moving toward something - even if it's messy, even if it's not in a straight line.⁣

This post serves as a Monday reminder to all of my fierce female friends (and to myself) who need the kick in the pants (and maybe even some permission) to stop waiting and JUST FUCKING DO THE THING.⁣

👭Accountability Time:⁣

Whats ONE thing you're gonna make your move toward this week??⁣

Let me know 👇👇👇⁣

Rhi 💜

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