My Evolution to High Powered Badass Status + the 4 Pillar Method that Helped Me Get There.

Living fiercely true to your potential so you can achieve that coveted next-level success in your life, your career or your business requires that you learn how to #FliptheScript on the sh*t that’s been holding you back, get out of your own way and start creating the consistent high powered output that will help you excel.

Despite understanding this concept intellectually, I found that I was, along with many other ambitious, self-making women, struggling to sustain high powered output. I would experience intermittent bursts of badassery but then something would happen to knock me off my game; I’d lose my confidence, my energy, my focus. Each time this happened, it would cost me the upward momentum and critical traction I’d worked so hard to create for myself and I felt that, more often than not, I was stuck on a hamster wheel just spinning around frantically and never actually going anywhere.

In the midst of a particularly rough patch where I’d been plagued by all kinds of ‘success blockers’, I realized that if I couldn’t figure out how to get - and stay - in that High Powered sweet spot, I’d never actually take my game to the next level and I’d never capitalize on my potential. Since succumbing to mediocrity is one of my greatest fears, I set out on a mission to figure out where - and why - my internal success obstacles existed and how I could override and replace these limitations with rinse-and-repeat systems that made consistent high powered output a no-brainer.

I’m happy to report that the mission was a success.

Understanding the root of my hang-ups enabled me to cut through the overwhelm and pinpoint the exact areas that I needed to master in order to sustain the kind of consistent, meaningful output that would help me take my game to the next level.

These areas are:

> Energy

> Clarity

> Confidence

> Systems and

> Support

I developed the #FlipTheScript Mindset to help guide my success transformation (learn more here) and then I set out to create a rinse-and-repeat approach that comprised the tools, tactics and strategies that would make mastering the aforementioned key areas possible.

Ample research, application and adaptation resulted in my 4 Pillar Method: the categorical roadmap comprising the foundational elements that fuel high powered output for women and enable us to live fiercely (and intentionally) true to our potential.

My 4 Pillar Method is what helped me evolve on a very personal level so that I could finally answer that inner nudge to go beyond what I could do and start doing what I’m meant to do.

It’s the method I still personally use as I continue to level-up and capitalize on my potential and it’s part of the strategic approach I guide my students through as they master High Powered Badass status for themselves.

Coach Rhi’s 4 Pillar Method

I’ve included a description of each pillar below so that you can start identifying where your success blockers are and what you need to focus on in order to crush them.

Bonus Round: I’ve also included a High Powered Tip with each pillar so you can start Flipping The Script on your hangups and start taking action, STAT!

The Catalyst - Fuel Your Engine

This is the match AND the gasoline. The Catalyst kickstarts and continues to fuel your progress through the other pillars and daily high powered badassery by providing you with energy, physical strength, mental grit, mood and brain optimization, momentum and confidence.

Coach Rhi’s High Powered Tip:

Women have been socialized to misuse both fitness and food in restrictive, disempowering ways that actually limit our output - not optimize it. A tactic that’s completely transformed my relationship with myself and my ability to show up as a High Powered Badass is to Flip the Script on diet culture and the expectation that women should be exercising and eating for the purpose of shrinking ourselves. There is so much more to a woman and her body than a pant size or a number on the scale.

Rather than exercising and eating to lose weight, flip the script and start using fitness and nutrition in ways that energize you, that make you feel strong and powerful, that leave you feeling good and that remind you of what you’re truly capable of - both physically and mentally.

The Compass - Align with Your Purpose for Power

This is highly personal, profound and powerful. The Compass is what guides you; it provides you with meaning, direction, strategy and drive. It’s what helps you avoid distractions, overwhelm and burnout by enabling you to focus your resources on the things that really matter AND really move the needle.

Coach Rhi’s High Powered Tip:

Women have been socialized to doubt themselves, to seek external validation and to go with the flow. Because of this, we focus our resources on things that aren’t truly meaningful to us and as a result, we end up unmotivated, unfulfilled and unsuccessful. A tactic that’s enabled me to sustain focus, motivation and meaning is to #FlipTheScript on the expectation that women should seek purpose and approval from external sources by putting my blinders on and blocking out the noise so that I’m able to actually hear - and then focus on - my own voice and desires. Learning to trust and believe in ourselves is one of the most powerful skills we, as women, can acquire.

The Cohort - Draft Your MVPs

This is where you form the strong female relationships that translate into tangible empowerment. The Cohort is what amplifies you; it provides you with solidarity, strength and confidence. It’s what helps you to be courageous and resilient so you can do and say what you need to fulfil your potential.

Coach Rhi’s High Powered Tip:

Women have been duped into thinking that other women pose a threat; that there aren’t enough opportunities, partners or pieces of the proverbial pie to go around. We’ve been socialized to believe that another woman's success equates to our own missed opportunity or failure so we shy away from forming powerful, meaningful bonds with each other. A tactic that’s helped me overcome self-doubt, find inspiration, empowerment and solidarity when I need it the most is to Flip the Script on the idea that I should be threatened or intimidated by ambitious, self-making women by purposely seeking them out, connecting with them and ‘drafting’ them to my very own team of MVP’s who are by my side as I execute my world takeover strategy.

The Conveyor - Implement Your Personal Success Systems

This is where you craft the practice of limitless self-propulsion with systems designed to make success both sustainable and scalable. The Conveyor is what moves you toward your purpose and goals; it’s the formation and practice of the rituals that compound to change your trajectory and change your life.

Coach Rhi’s HPP Tip:

Too many women abandon the well thought out rituals and routines that sustain them and enable them to scale their success (and actually feel good about it!). This is because women (especially go-getters like you) are both inclined to take on ‘all the things’ at once and socialized to drop our own needs and priorities for those of others. Two (#bonusround) tactics I use to help me avoid overwhelm, burnout and resentment so that I can be effective, happy and successful are:

1) To Flip the Script on my tendency to overload myself by exercising constraint and remembering that just because I can do something, doesn’t mean I should. This forces me to choose and dedicate my resources to the things that will have the greatest impact on my success and in turn, frees up the bandwidth I need for sustained, high powered output.

2) To Flip the Script on the idea that ‘Selfish’ is bad by viewing my self-care, my work and any of the other personal success systems I’ve created in the same vein as putting the plane’s oxygen mask on my face before helping anyone else with theirs. This reminds me that not only is it ok to put myself and my needs first, but that it’s utterly necessary if I’m going to be able to show up consistently and effectively for myself or anyone else.

(If you're ready to get serious about taking your game to the next level, take the Quiz to find out where your personal success blockers are and how you can focus your resources to start elevating your status to High Powered Badass right away.)

Hello my fierce, female friend!

I’m Rhiannon Tarrant (aka, Coach Rhi) and you are officially in the right place. (The best, infact. This high powered performance stuff is my wheelhouse.)

I’m the OG High Powered Badass and I know what it takes to elevate other powerhouse broads-in-the-making (like YOU) to HPB status.

I’ve been in the biohacking / psych-hacking / emo-hacking game for over two decades and have spent the past eight years working specifically with women to help them feel better so they can achieve unprecedented success in their lives, their businesses and their careers.

If you’re ready to #flipthescript on the sh*t that’s been holding you back so you can finally start playing big and achieve that next-level success you know you’re meant for, click here to learn how you can get started or click here to contact me directly.

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