Motivation is BS. Stop Waiting on it.

Motivation, as you know, is fleeting. We all know this. So...if we know that it's fleeting, why do we place so much value on it? Why do we put motivation on a pedestal?

Motivation, in my mind, is kind of a bullshit concept because

a) it's not reliable and

b) it more often than not turns into an excuse for inaction.

Waiting on motivation will just keep you...waiting. (And that's not what we were put here to do.)

So today, I'm going to talk to you guys about flipping the script on motivation; rather than being at the mercy of motivation (waiting on it and hoping it actually lasts - which it never does...), we're going to talk about taking your power back by turning down the amount of value you place on the concept of motivation and instead, putting action on the pedestal.

Think about that for a second. Swap motivation for action. Simple concept, total mind eff.

You see, we don't actually need more motivation in order to do something, we just need to set ourselves up with fewer reasons NOT to do that something.

So instead of talking about all the cliche ways to "get motivated", I'm gonna pull back the curtain and dive into the REAL reasons you're NOT taking action and we're gonna flip the script on that shit....HARD - so that you can STOP WAITING and START KICKING ASS.

Before we do that, I want you guys to keep this little mantra in mind:

SOMETHING IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN NOTHING. Say it again: SOMETHING IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN NOTHING. Ok, now that we've got that down, let's dive in.

Motivation Killer/Action Blocker #1 - THE PERFECTION TRAP Thinking that we need to do something full out, perfectly, follow a plan to a 'T' is a huge motivation killer. I mean, how overwhelming is it to start something new and expect to already be the best at it right off the hop? It's totally unrealistic but the expectation that we place on ourselves to do things perfectly is VERY REAL inside our heads and hearts and it creates a pressure so immense that it paralyses us and prevents us from taking action. The Perfection Trap is also the reason for the "fuck it" mentality that so many women fall into. Here's what I'm talking about: You start an exercise plan, you're trucking along nicely for a week and then something comes up: you get sick, work gets crazy and you need to stay late, the kids need you...whatever. Something happens and you miss a workout. You're no longer doing it perfectly, 100%, to a T. So your brain goes to "fuck it" town and recites the well-rehearsed script that tells you: "if you can't do this perfectly, full-out, then there's not point in doing it. fuck it."

And you give up. Down the road, you decide to try another exercise program. You figure this time you'll be able to stick to it 100%. But life happens - as it always does - and you deviate from it. You haven't learned how to flip the script on the perfection trap so you fall into "fuck it" mentality again and quit. The next time you think about starting an exercise program (or the pursuit of whatever goal you have), you remember that you weren't ever able to do it perfectly the other times you tried. You remember how challenging and overwhelming it felt to try to keep up with it. You remember that you weren't able to maintain perfection. don't even start this time. haven't been burned by the perfection trap enough yet, so you do decide to "give it a whirl", only your brain hasn't forgotten what happens and it's already sabotaging you by spitting out excuses and reasons why you can't/shouldn't commit. Here's the thing: PERFECTION DOES NOT EXIST. THERE IS NO SUCH THING. (I've got a whole audio lesson on this that you can grab for free at if you're interested : ) Nothing and nobody is perfect. It's impossible. What's more, we don't live in a vacuum! There are millions - if not trillions - of variables at play that impact and affect our lives. MOST OF WHICH ARE TOTALLY BEYOND OUR CONTROL. The idea of perfection is bullshit and expecting perfection from yourself will only land you in a whole pile of the same. Remember what we talked about at the beginning? SOMETHING IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN NOTHING. Once you #flipthescript on perfection and see it for the made up limitation that it is, you can start pivoting...and succeeding.

The idea isn't to do something perfectly or not at all - where would that get you?? NOWHERE. The idea is to do SOMETHING. That will always get you further ahead than doing nothing. Following an exercise or meal plan 20% as opposed to 100% is still going to get you LIGHTYEARS ahead of not doing it at all. Get used to pivoting and adapting. Get used to flipping the script on perfection. Get used to doing SOMETHING - ANYTHING - and being cool with it....because...SOMETHING IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN NOTHING AND PERFECTION DOESN'T EXIST.

Motivation Killer/Action Blocker #2 - Geting Overestimating and Underestimating Mixed Up When we think about doing the big things in our lives or businesses, the scripts in our heads tell us that it's going to be A LOT OF WORK. Our brains are hardwired to think that we're not close - or even making actual strides toward those big goals - until we're literally on the doorstep of them. For example, say your goal is to pull in $150k this year in your biz, your brain won't actually think that you're making progress toward that goal until you've pulled in $145k. If you want to run a marathon, your brain will tell you that you're not making progress toward that goal until you can run 20 miles straight. If you want do deadlift 300lbs, your brain won't think you're making progress toward that goal until you can pull 290. THE BRAIN TELLS US THIS because it doesn't recognize the MASSIVE value and the exponential effect that the first few steps - and all the small, messy, imperfect steps - hold in moving you closer to your goal. Because of this, those scripts prevent us from taking those critical first , tiny steps (and all the small, messy imperfect ones after). It's total motivation killer/action blocker. But remember what we talked about?? SOMETHING IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN NOTHING. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DOING NOTHING AND DOING SOMETING IS EVERYTHING. IT'S THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE THAT EXISTS. If you think about someone who's taking massive action everyday, and then think of you who's taking small, messy, imperfect action MOST days and we put the two of you on a time continuum with a third person who's done nothing, you would see that you and Massive Action Person are actually SO MUCH closer to eachother on that continuum than you and Do Nothing Person. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DOING NOTHING AND DOING SOMETHING IS THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE THAT EXISTS. Motivation Killer/Action Blocker #3 - DOWNPLAYING THE POWER OF INERTIA You guys will prob remember this one from science class:

A BODY AT REST STAYS AT REST. A BODY IN MOTION STAYS IN MOTION. It is SO much harder to get going when you've been doing nothing than it is to KEEP going when you've been doing something. (Even if it's a small something.) Knowing this does two things for us: 1) It gives you the reassurance that once you take that first step, things will be SO MUCH EASIER. Think about a workout, for example: the last 10 minutes of your workout are way easier to get done than suiting up and starting the workout. You just have to break out of that rest inertia and then everything else will be easier. it's one, imperfect step to smoother sailing. 2) Once you do something, it's easier to KEEP doing that something than it is to stop (think about a "bad habit" that you want to drop). You just have to get inertia moving in the right direction with that initial, small, imperfect step and then things will KEEP MOVING for you.

Again...SOMETHING IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN NOTHING! Something will always get things moving. Something will always keep things moving. Nothing, on the other hand, won't do a damn thing for you. So, my fierce female friends, the moral of today's story is this:

Stop waiting on motivation. Jus. Take. Action. (Small, messy, imperfect action!)

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