Many Women Mistake Eating "Well" with Eating Little

Diet culture and patriarchal societal expectations have conditioned women to believe that there is some kind of moral high ground in restricting/counting calories.

We've been taught to believe that we're eating "well" when we're consuming little.

If this was true, we'd easily be able to maintain a calorie-restricted "diet" and we wouldn't encounter things like energy slumps, general fatigue, mental fog, mood swings, bloating and gastrointestinal upset, lack of focus and intense cravings (to name a few...).

We need to #flipthescript on the belief that "well" = little.

"Well" is not about calorie restriction.

"Well" = making damn sure that you provide your body with adequate MICROnutrients: vitamins and minerals that are not just essential for living, but essential for THRIVING.

Calories counting won't help you do this. Choosing to consume as many nutrient-dense (aka, High Powered) foods as possible will.

So how do you know how much - and what - to consume?

The answer: it depends. Things like age, current health status and activity levels are just a small snapshot of the variables that determine what your body needs in order to be fueled properly.

The good news: there are several foundational elements that everyone can benefit from and that you can start implementing asap in order to feel better so you can show up and live your life to its fullest.

Here they are:

1) Choose whole, naturally-occurring foods. These guys will be jam-packed with way more absorbable nutrients than stuff that mankind has tinkered with

2) Eat the rainbow. Aim to get as close to 10 different colored fruits ans veg in each day. This will cover SO many micronutrient bases for you!

3) Slow cook your meats. Nutrients de-nature at high temperatures. (They break apart - and sometimes reform - into new molecules that are either not useful to us anymore OR even harmful to us)

4) Don't demonize carbs, just consume them strategically in meals that happen around activity (like your workouts!)

5) Keep a fuel journal to document what and how much of it you consume and how you feel afterward so you can spot patterns and eat more of what serves you and less of what detracts from your ability to show up, feel great and kick ass.

Have more questions or need advice? Let me know in the comments or message me here:


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