The Most Critical Element of Success: YOU

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Your career - and your life - cannot move forward until you do.

When it comes to leveling up in ANY area of your life, YOU are the FIRST and most critical element to examine and develop.

I learned this the hard way after spending boatloads of money and time on education/mentorship that I didn't realize I wasn't yet ready to benefit from.

There's no shortage of fancy courses, programs, apps etc. for growing your biz/career, your influence and your expertise that while valuable, will only help you succeed once you've done the necessary work on YOURSELF.

If you know you're meant for big things but you've been stumbling, losing traction or even just flat out getting stuck, my advice to you is this:

1) #FliptheScript on all of the noise - all of the should-do's, shiny objects and brilliant marketing tactics that keep distracting you from the REAL work...the work that needs to be done on YOU in order for you to move forward and start capitalizing on your potential.

2) Think of this type of work - this 'You Coaching' - as a prerequisite for every other course, program or endeavor you ever sign up for.

3) Hook yourself up with someone who can see your blindspots, who can ask you the tough questions that bring about true growth and who can help guide you and keep you moving forward even when self-doubt and old, limiting habits try to knock you off your game.

What kinds of things have you been doing to complete your success 'pre-reqs'?

© 2020 by Rhiannon Tarrant