Why Starting Your Day with Self-Care is a Must {+ my 3-step hack to help you do this}

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Self-Care FIRST is OK.

In fact, it's necessary if you want to be the high achiever you know you're meant to be.

What I've learned is that while some of the elements of my personal success rituals (like exercising or carving out some quiet, uninterrupted space for reflection and deep thinking) may not be a priority on any particular day when stacked up against things like project deadlines or people commitments, they are MASSIVE PRIORITIES for me if I want to create and enjoy a successful life.

Neglecting the self-care rituals that contribute to your maintenance and your growth as an healthy, badass HUMAN always lead to the inevitable breakdown of the entire system.

I've learned the hard way (a few times #facepalm) that when I fail to take care of my PERSONAL SUCCESS on a daily basis (first thing!) it's only a matter of time (usually not very long...) before the following things always happen:

> My energy tanks and all I want to do is lay on the couch and make whale noises

> My mind gets foggy, my ability to problem solve like a boss diminishes, I get bitchy and apathetic about life and career in general

> I lose focus and end up wasting tons of time on meaningless distractions or busy work that deep down, I know isn't going to move the needle in the right direction

> Overwhelm gets REAL, REAL; I throw strategy to the wayside and when I sit down to work I have no idea where to even start

> I start to doubt myself; my ability to complete important work, my expertise, my ideas, my plans etc.

> I get caught in the comparison trap and begin to question everything! (See


>I start to resent people and commitments in my life because I've failed to set and communicate boundaries around my needs and now I just need everyone to disappear for a month!

Bleh! Does any of this sound familiar??

If it does, please know that you're not failing. Please know that you're not permanently stuck where you are right now. Please know that you are not destined to spend your life on the hamster wheel of intermittent traction/success.

I've been through it, I've cracked the code and I can confidently assure you that CONSISTENT, meaningful output (the kind that helps you excel) is totally possible for you.

Here's 3 simple steps to help you get your personal success system on lock down (so you can get off that hamster wheel get back to taking over the world):

1) Set your alarm to go off 20 minutes earlier than usual (if you live with other humans, set it to go off 20 mins before anyone else wakes up). You're doing this to create a small chunk of uninterrupted physical and mental space just FOR YOU, first thing in your day.

2) Get your kickstarter of choice ready to go (coffee, tea, shroom elixir or even just a killer playlist to pop in as soon as that alarm goes off). Have this ready to go so that there is one less barrier to getting up 20 mins earlier for yourself.

3) Get your workout gear ready to go so all you have to do is slither into it when your alarm clock goes off.

*ANY kind of movement counts; you can walk around your house for a few minutes, go up and down your stairs, lay on your yoga mat and take some nice deep breaths - it ALL counts and it ALL creates powerful momentum.

The important thing here is that you start carving that morning space out for YOURSELF.

It does not matter how small you start.

What matters is that you start creating the ritual of getting up before the rest of the world needs you, throwing your workout gear on and SERVING YOURSELF FIRST.

It will pay off. I promise.

- Coach Rhi

PS: This stuff is my JAM. If you need a little extra guidance when it comes to creating and implementing your own personal success system, I'm more than happy to chat with you and get you pointed in the right direction. Click here

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