Focus on Who You Want to BE, Rather than What You Want to Achieve

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

The faster, more empowering route to upgraded habit development and crushing your goals.

How often is it that when you decide to go after a goal, your default strategy is to start changing your actions?

(Hint: like...almost always.)

I mean, obv that part is going to come, but the problem so many women face with this approach is rooted in the fact that their identities haven't changed.

If who you perceive yourself to BE (and consequently, who you continue to show up as) remains the same, then no significant change will ever be possible.

That's why the first step in creating any new habit system should be to focus on who you want to become rather than what you want to achieve.

A quick how-to to get you started:

1) Determine the kind of high performance person you'd need to become in order to reach your goal.

Ex. Goal: Quit smoking, Identity: Non-Smoker

Goal: Get a Promotion, Identity: Director (etc.)

Goal: Start your own biz, Identity: Entrepreneur

Goal: Put yourself/your biz out there more, Identity: Confident Connector

Goal: Get stronger & healthier, Identity: Worker-Outer

2) Identify with that person as if it were already you.

Aka, you are officially now identifying as a non-smoker, a director an entrepreneur, an extrovert, a worker-outer etc.

3) Start showing up as if you are this person.

(It's OK to feel like you're pretending or acting in the beginning)

Every time you show up and do what your high performance self would have done, you add more proof to your portfolio of evidence that you really are this person.

Ex. Each new gym session proves that you really are a worker-outer.

Each new connection made or video posted proves that you really are a confident connector.

Focusing on who you want to become rather than what you want to achieve set's you up for actual high powered performance and subsequent success because it brings your attention, your commitment and your effort out of tomorrow or 'some day' into TODAY.

When you do this, success comes easier because it's no longer about chasing after some unrealistic goal - it's about who you are and the DAILY choices you make as a result.

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