#FlipTheScript: The Mindset That Will Help You Reach HBD Status + Next-level Success

Updated: Feb 19

Capitalizing on your potential and reaching the next-level success you’ve been coveting requires you to achieve High Powered Badass status. Endo Facto.

To become a High Powered Badass you’ll need to...

> Get energized and create a state of overall well-being so you can get up, get going and get doing what needs to be done.

> Develop physical strength and mental grit to keep you going when you least feel like it.

> Find clarity of values and purpose to effectively steer your ship in the direction of success, to navigate your circumstances and to make strategic decisions...all while maintaining a sense of meaning and fulfillment.

> Create confidence and courage to unapologetically step into - and own - your role as a leader.

> Develop + implement Personal Success Systems to effectively manage ‘all the things’ so you can keep your train from falling off the track and finally -

> Hook yourself up with the unwavering support of other badass, self-making women whose knowledge, encouragement and solidarity will translate to tangible empowerment when you need it the most.

I mean, duh, right? Intellectually, this is all pretty obvious. In fact, I’m sure that you’ve attempted to get most (or all) of these things dialed-in at some point...

So what’s the problem? Why are you (and so many other kickass broads) still struggling to become the High Powered Badasses you know you need to be?

The problem = The Script.

As women, we’re socialized to believe that we should be everything and do everything...for everyone. We’re socialized to believe that not only are we “supposed” to do it all, but that we’re supposed to do it all perfectly and look “perfect” while doing it. We’re socialized to believe that everyone else’s needs should come before our own and that prioritizing ourselves is selfish. We’re socialized to believe that going-along is good and that stepping up and speaking out is bad. We’re socialized to believe that there’s a cap on the number of opportunities available to us and that other women are our competition.

The result?

These distracting, disempowering societal expectations have become something much more insidious. They’ve become the convincing scripts that sound out automatically in our heads and they masquerade as/in our own voice.

The ultimate Trojan Horse, if you will.

Having these scripts programmed on autoplay and sounding in our own voices is the reason we don’t question them. It’s the reason we believe the lies to be truths and it’s the reason we continue playing smaller than what we’re capable of... and why we keep getting in the way of our own success.

When I realized this - that my limitations weren’t actually MY limitations - my head pretty much exploded. I started to see that womens’ confidence, aspirations, output and potential were being unnecessarily tethered...and I was pissed.

As I began to understand just how deeply embedded and pervasive these limiting scripts are in the lives of women, I was overcome by the desire to rebel against them... and that’s when I started using the snappy little mantra that would change everything…

Flip The Script: The Mantra that became the key Mindset to making Next-Level Success Possible for Ambitious, Self-Making Women (Like You!)

To me, flipping the script means bucking the status quo; it means flipping a giant middle finger to conventional expectations; it means getting real with ourselves and turning the tables on the personal thought and behavior patterns that have been holding us back.

Adopting the #FliptheScript mindset is critical to becoming a High Powered Badass and creating next-level success because it reminds women that we hold the power to play our OWN game, by our OWN rules.

In my coaching practice, I use this badass little mantra with my students to remind them that as ambitious, self-making women:

> WE hold the power to be, do and have what we really want for our lives and careers

> WE hold the power to do things that SERVE US

> WE hold the power to things IN WAYS THAT SERVE US

> WE hold the power to do things FOR REASONS THAT SERVE US

It’s a reminder that all of those limiting conventions, expectations, beliefs and habits don’t actually hold any truth; just as it was possible for you to adopt them in the first place, it’s possible for you to ditch and replace them with new scripts that empower and propel you instead of limit and suppress you.

Once you start shifting your neurocircuitry by flipping the script on things like perfectionism, bullsh*t body and beauty standards, people pleasing, self-criticism and self-doubt, you'll free yourself to step-up and go after what you really want and to become the High Powered Badass you know you need to be if you’re finally gonna take your game to the next level./Start playing big.

Here are some real life examples of how my students are flipping the script in the wild to get high powered results in their lives, their businesses and their careers:

> Using fitness to fuel my physical and mental strength so that I can show up and kick ass in my life and career, not so that I can lose weight - Emily, CA

> Thinking of food as fuel for my world takeover strategy, not something that I need to restrict, obsess over or punish myself for having - Sonja, CA

> Spending extra time sleeping in the morning so I can be more rested, alert and successful all day instead of waking up an hour and half earlier to do my hair/makeup to some made up standard that society has forced down our throats - Melissa, USA

> Deciding to create and share more empowering, REAL content with the world instead of exposing myself to/consuming more of the disempowering, distracting and limiting content that abounds in our tech-filled lives - Deb, NZ

> LOVING my body and everything it does for me, everything it is capable of doing and everything it enables me to do instead of looking at it and wishing I was skinnier, smaller, less real... - Carrie, CA

> Taking a page out my husband’s playbook by putting myself first and keeping the promises I make to myself instead of dropping my needs and priorities the second plans change or someone needs me - Chantel, AU

> Creating content/work that is ‘70% good’ then getting out into the world and executing on the next thing BEFORE I FEEL ‘READY’ instead of dwelling in the details and being paralyzed by perfectionism - Melanie, CA

> Reminding myself that as a woman, I was put here to make a difference and create a life I’m proud of - not to be a pretty face or a body in a bikini - Rhiannon (me!), CA

> Catching myself in old, limiting habits and flipping the script on my own practiced b.s. Instead of falling into the same traps that have sabotaged my progress in the past - Marsha, CA

Adopting the #FlipTheScript mindset is how my students begin their success transformations. It’s how you’ll become a pro at identifying your own limiting scripts and flipping a giant middle finger to them so you can stop falling back into old, traction-killing habits and comfort zones.

True elevation to High Powered Badass status happens when FlipTheScript meets my 4 Pillar framework for High Powered Performance. This indomitable combo has proven itself time and again and it’s the method that both my students and I use to play BIG and take our success to the next level.

Whether it’s the biz you’re building, the movement you’re igniting or the corporate ranks you’re climbing, YOU are the engine that determines IF and HOW efficiently, powerfully and joyfully you’ll rise.

Are you ready to become a High Powered Badass??

Hello my fierce, female friend!

I’m Rhiannon Tarrant (aka, Coach Rhi) and you are officially in the right place. (The best, in fact. This high powered performance stuff is my wheelhouse.)

I’m the OG High Powered Badass and I know what it takes to elevate other powerhouse broads-in-the-making (like YOU) to HPB status.

I’ve been in the biohacking / psych-hacking / emo-hacking game for over two decades and have spent the past eight years working specifically with women to help them feel better so they can achieve unprecedented success in their lives, their businesses and their careers.

If you’re ready to #flipthescript on the sh*t that’s been holding you back so you can finally start playing big and achieve that next-level success you know you’re meant for, click here to learn how you can get started or click here to contact me directly.

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