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Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Become a High Powered Badass and Reach Next-Level Success.

Leaving mediocrity in the dust and achieving the kind of next-level success that makes your parents proud, makes those around you pay attention and makes you feel like a total powerhouse of a woman doesn’t happen by accident.

Creating freedom, wealth and happiness for yourself doesn’t happen simply because you’re packin’ a heavy dose of intellect, talent or education.

Bucking the status quo and building something BIG - something AWESOME (you know, the kind of biz or career path that catapults you past ‘ordinary’ and enables you to make a difference WHILE living your life to its absolute fullest) doesn’t happen just because you’ve been blessed with a never-ending stream of brilliant ideas or fierce ambition.


I mean, if it did, you’d already be living fiercely true to your potential and you wouldn’t be reading something that’s designed to help you get there.

So what’s the deal?

The deal is YOU...and how you’re showing up (or not).

You see, all the gifts and advantages in the world won’t help you achieve next-level success if you’re not showing up to your life in a way that enables you to do what you need to do and say what you need to say to get - and keep - the needle of success moving in the right direction.

Put bluntly: Your ability to show up each day and create the kind of consistent, meaningful, high powered output that helps you excel is exactly what’s standing between you and that next-level success you’ve been coveting.

If you really want to elevate your purpose and turn your ambition into powerfully-aligned actualization, you’ve got to feel better (physically, mentally and emotionally) so you can perform better - PERIOD.

You’ve got to become a High Powered Badass.

High Powered Badass Definition:
An energized, powerful, CONFIDENT woman who is living life on her own terms and actively turning her ambition into crazy, awesome, big-time success.)

Suboptimal physical, mental and emotional states are crushing your ability to succeed.

They’re the reason you aren’t capitalizing on your potential.

They’re the reason you are:

> Too Tired to get a head start on your day, to dig into those big, needle-moving tasks that aren’t getting done (but really need to be), to workout and prepare nutritious meals for yourself, to read books that will help you grow, to attend important events, to make and nurture key relationships and to keep the important promises you make to yourself.

>Too Anxious, Stressed and Overwhelmed to effectively channel your thoughts and energy, to strategize, prioritize and execute, to tap into crucial creativity, to problem solve, to get into the ‘zone’, to manage all the different hats you wear and to sustain your focus and discipline throughout the day so you can actually complete tasks and go to bed feeling accomplished and fulfilled.

>Too Consumed by Fear + Self-Doubt to confidently put yourself, your expertise and your opinions out into the world, to take calculated risks, to avoid getting stuck in the dreaded comparison trap, to act on all those brilliant ideas and to invest in yourself and your success.

As an ambitious, self-making woman, knowing how to hack your biology, psychology and emotions to create upgraded states, habits and output is literally THE most important set of skills and behaviors that you can develop.

It’s what will enable you to:

  • get energized and create a state of overall well-being so you can get up, get going and get doing what needs to be done.

  • develop the physical strength and mental grit to keep you going when you least feel like it.

  • achieve crystal clarity of your values and purpose to effectively steer your ship in the direction of success while maintaining a sense of meaning and fulfillment.

  • harness the confidence and the courage to unapologetically step into - and own - your role as a leader

  • design and implement personal success systems to effectively manage 'all the things' so you can keep your train from falling off the track.

  • Build and nurture key relationships with other badass, self-making women whose knowledge, encouragement and solidarity will translate into tangible empowerment when you need it the most.

How? Well, without going down the massive, science-y rabbit hole, there are specific tools and tactics we can implement to optimize things like brain chemistry, energy conversion and utilization, mood, cognition, focus stamina, creativity, body composition and even limiting thought and behavior patterns. (If you want to know how I help my students do this, check out my post on #FlipTheScipt and my 4 Pillar Method.)

When applied strategically, these tools work to help you feel your best. (And I’m sure you’ll agree that you do your best when you feel your best. )

Unfortunately, this crucial piece of the Success Puzzle is something that way too many go-getting women are overlooking or struggling to dial in.

For instance, while most women won’t bat an eye at investing in programs and coaching designed to help their biz or career, they neglect to invest in the optimization of themselves - the engine that’s responsible for powering literally EVERYTHING else, biz/career included.

Similarly, ambitious, self-making women like you are notoriously stretched-thin; whether it’s the crazy schedule, fielding the tsunami of pulls on your time or attempting to manage all the different hats you have to wear, finding the energy and the mental space to prioritize your ability to create the meaningful output that will help you become a success is something that repeatedly gets thrown to the backburner.

Sadly, neglecting the foundation of all that you do by disregarding your most important resource (you), comes at a hefty price.

Here’s what happens when you fail to achieve High Powered Badass Status:

You’ll struggle to get - and stay - in that high powered ‘sweet spot’.

You’ll have great ideas but you’ll squander them (and your precious time) by continuing to doubt yourself and shying away from fully stepping into them.

You’ll watch other women (who have less talent, intelligence and experience than you) show up and build their empires while you continue spinning your wheels through fatigue, anxiety and creative blocks.

You’ll live in a state of overwhelm, you’ll lose your sense of fulfillment, you’ll weave in and out of burnout and you’ll eventually weaken one of your greatest assets - you’re fierce, internal drive for success.

Scariest of all, you’ll lose critical, success-getting traction.

Time lost on account of your inability to get - and stay - in that high powered sweet spot is irreplaceable and detrimental to your end-game.

The clock is ticking. There is no giant ‘pause’ button that you get to hit while you figure things out and play ‘catch up’.

The world is changing and evolving at an incredible pace, the competition is getting fiercer and the markets are getting more saturated by the minute....

The time to get your sh*t together, to get out of your own way and FINALLY start doing the badass things you know can - and SHOULD - be doing…is NOW.

That fact that you’ve landed on my site tells me that you’re the kind ambitious, self-making woman who wants to drive your own bus, do big things and take your game to the next level.

(You’re obv not the kind of woman who’s looking to lead an average life or settle for status quo).

It also tells me that deep down, you know your current state is preventing you from capitalizing on all that ambition and potential...and if left unchecked, your future will look ordinary - NOT extraordinary.

That’s not the kind of existence you were put here to create, so I’m here to tell you that it’s time to grab your life by the balls and do something about it. (And I’m here to help.)

Whether it’s the biz you’re building, the movement you’re igniting or the corporate ranks you’re climbing, YOU are the engine that determines IF and HOW efficiently, powerfully and joyfully you’ll rise.

Are you ready to become a High Powered Badass??

Hello my fierce, female friend!

I’m Rhiannon Tarrant (aka, Coach Rhi) and you are officially in the right place. (The best, infact. This high powered performance stuff is my wheelhouse.)

I’m the OG High Powered Badass and I know what it takes to elevate other powerhouse broads-in-the-making (like YOU) to HPB status.

I’ve been in the biohacking / psych-hacking / emo-hacking game for over two decades and have spent the past eight years working specifically with women to help them feel better so they can achieve unprecedented success in their lives, their businesses and their careers.

If you’re ready to #flipthescript on the sh*t that’s been holding you back so you can finally start playing big and achieve that next-level success you know you’re meant for, click here to learn how you can get started or click here to contact me directly.

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