Personal Methodology = Key to Your Success

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Success requires an intentional, strategic methodology. Something you can rinse and repeat to generate the high powered output that will help you excel.

We all employ a methodology of some kind, but more often than not, its lacking purpose, strategy and effectiveness. Its more about reactivity and juggling than conscious implementation of intentional systems that actually work.

In my coaching practice I call these Personal Success Systems and I work with each of my students to determine:

a) where their performance leaks are

ex: lack of energy, creative slump, mood imbalance, self-doubt, overwhelm, lack of discipline etc.

b) what the simplest, most effective solution is

ex) whats the one thing that will act like a giant domino and take care of multiple performance leaks in one fell swoop?

c) how to implement it in a way that's actually do-able (and sustainable!)

ex) this is where we develop simple, concise routines and rituals that are highly personalized and will get - and keep - your high performance train on the tracks

If you could have my help in developing ONE personal success system that was tailored exactly to your high performance needs, what performance leak(s) would it help you overcome?

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