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Personal Training


Strategic, intelligent, CONSISTENT exercise is a non-negotiable for women on the rise.
(Seriously, just go do a quick google search for all the reasons why the world's fiercest females swear by fitness as part of their world takeover plan.)

While you may be well-aware of the benefits, you're not alone if you've been struggling to get your own personal fitness ritual dialed in. So many women struggle to find the time and the energy not only to do the exercise, but to figure out what to do in the first place.

My private personal training sessions are designed to provide you with the customized strategy, the instruction, and the accountability to ensure you show up and get results.

Personal Training
will help you...

Implement an efficient, strategically-designed fitness ritual that fits your schedule and feels totally doable - not daunting. 

Get results by providing you with the accountability to actually show-up and challenge yourself with the frequency, intensity and consistency that's required to create meaningful change.

Ditch confusion for confidence knowing that you're doing the most effective workouts and getting the most bang for your buck each time you train.


Achieve peace-of-mind knowing that you're performing movements as safely and efficiently as possible to avoid injury while maximizing output and your time.​

Stay on track by providing you with customized modifications to address your daily individual circumstances and requirements (things like: experience level, pre-existing pain/injury, health conditions, stress, energy level, etc.) so that you can still complete a highly effective workout and walk away with a sense of accomplishment...even on those not-so-great days.

Shift your relationship with exercise and your body so that movement starts to feel like something you actually like to do - something you get to do - not something you dread.


Personal Training


Private, customized training + workouts, designed specifically for your goals, your body, your schedule + your environment. 

In other words, here's how you'll FINALLY build a fitness ritual that works...for YOU.

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How it Works.

Private Personal Training Sessions are conducted virtually, in real time via an agreed-upon platform like Zoom, Teams, Duo, FB Messenger, or Whatsapp.


Sessions run 1-2x per week for 30 or 60 minutes, depending on your preference and your goals.

After each session, you'll receive a copy of your workout to practice throughout the week and keep you progressing between sessions.

Between sessions, you'll have access to me via text and email to answer questions, hold you accountable, and keep you on track.

Upon application approval and sign up (sign up link below), you will receive an email from me with your onboarding package and confirmation of your training slot days and times. 

No gym and no equipment needed - with the exception of a resistance band. I will show you how to use common household items to get the job done without having to go out and buy a bunch of gym gear.

Show up and optimize.  All the planning and all the thinking will be done for you. All you have to do is show up to our virtual meeting room + I'll guide you through an expertly designed training session that makes the very most out of your time so you can get the results you're after. 

Application +
Sign-Up Details

PT Application

Space on my private training roster is limited. To ensure that we're a good fit and that our schedules align,

I require all potential training clients to submit an application (below).

Upon receipt and approval of your application, I will contact you to arrange a Strategy Session in which we will discuss your goals, your experience level, your health and injury history, as well as the training packages that are best suited for you

based on this information.

If you're ready to start your self-optimization journey with private personal training, submit your application today!

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What Women are Saying

Canva - Woman Jumping Wearing Green Backpack_edited.jpg


Coach Rhi is an unbelievable human. This woman has changed my life - several times. The energy, habits and confidence I've gained are exactly what I needed to get un-stuck and start feeling like me again.

Sunset dance_edited_edited.jpg


I was super pissed off after a stupid day at work, so working out was literally the last thing I wanted do and you made it palatable.
Which is kind of amazing.

Canva - null_edited_edited.jpg


Ok, so you are right!!! Movement DOES create energy. Feeling so good today!!

Canva - Athletic Girl Jumping_edited_edited.jpg


Thank you so much for your
cheerful, excellent guidance and for jump starting me back into a better routine :)

Still have questions?

If you're excited about Private Personal Training but you still have some questions you'd like to get ironed out before signing up,

I'm always more than happy to chat with you, to answer your questions and to help you find clarity

so you can make the best decision for you and your circumstances.

Get in touch with me here

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