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The Overhaul Incubator is all about developing the lasting high powered behaviors

that will get - and KEEP - you on the track

towards next-level success so you can sustain the consistent traction

required to stay in that high powered sweet spot and start living fiercely true to your potential. 

Learn. Practice. Become.

A High Powered Lifestyle Overhaul for Women on the Rise.

This 6 month incubator is designed to help you finally level up...


that you're used to falling back into.

You're an

Ambitious, self-making woman who wants more for yourself.

You know you're ready to step into bigger things...

To take your game to the next level.

But everytime you start to gain a little traction...

something always happens to knock you off your game and out of the sweet spot.

You've had small glimpses of how powerfully you can show up and perform

when you're fueling your body, your brain and your mindset correctly...

But you've been struggling to make SUBSTANTIAL, PERMANENT

shifts to your lifestyle...


The ones that will make this feeling the norm, not the exception.

You feel like you're stuck in a viscous cycle.

You need a reboot.

You want to regain control.

You want to

You want to start playing BIG.


You want that next-level SUCCESS.


BUT - your current reality is holding you back.

I see you.

You wake up tired. Unrested. Again.

Your brain and body don't feel ready to show up and dominate.

But the day is racing ahead and you have a nagging sense that you’ve already fallen behind before you’ve even poured that much needed cup of coffee down your throat.


You start thinking about all the things you need to get done...

all the things you know you should be doing.

Overwhelm kicks in.

Now stress…


Now anxiety.


You try to dig into some deep work - the stuff you know will get the needle moving in the right direction for you - but your head just isn’t in the game.


Fatigue, brain fog, lack of’s all getting in your way, again.

Female Performer

Like so many other days...

You had planned to workout today but you feel so far behind

that you've fallen back into one of your favorite excuses:

"there's no time."

You justify this by reminding yourself that even if there was more time,

you’re too bloody exhausted to exercise

and you definitely don’t have the time or the energy

to sort through all of the conflicting information out there

and try to figure out what to do and how to do it.


(Besides, you’ve noticed some recurring aches and pains starting to creep in

and you’re pretty sure you’re fighting off another cold...

better take a raincheck and try again tomorrow.)

The afternoon slump hits and you reach for a pick-me-up:

another cup of coffee...a sugar rush...something quick, easy and (temporarily) satisfying.


You hear that little voice in your head reminding you that you were going to eat better this week and that all-too familiar sense of guilt and shame start to bubble up. week.


Next week will be the week you get back on track.


Starting Monday.

Bedtime rolls around. You're sleepy, but you can't sleep.

Your mind is going a million miles an hour.

You're stressing over all the things you didn't get done...

and all of the things that still need to happen.

You just want to regain control so that you can go to sleep with

a powerful sense of accomplishment.

You've got big ideas and big plans...

and you know deep down that you're capable of capitalizing on them.

BUT - if you stay stuck in this viscous cycle of

on-the-wagon/off-the wagon, high performance/crap performance...

You Fear that 

you’ll just keep spinning your wheels.


That you'll wake up at the end of your life having left


all of that amazing ambition... 

those great ideas...


and that powerful potential untapped.

It’s not that you haven’t been trying.

And it’s not that you haven’t had some powerful periods of needle-moving traction.

The problem is that you struggle to keep the pieces clicking - altogether

with the frequency and consistency it takes to

Get - and STAY - in the High Powered Sweet Spot.

Canva - Anonymous hiker achieving peak o

A High Powered Lifestyle Overhaul for Women on the Rise.






It's time to do things differently.

It's time to break-with your unhealthy, limiting self-perpetuation.

And that means flipping the script on the habits 

that have been robbing you of your High Powered Badass Status.

The physical energy to get going - to show up and tackle those big, needle moving activities

✓ The cognitive capacity to dig into deep work, to problem solve and to think creatively

✓ The mental stamina to actually complete those important activities and projects

✓ The state of mind and sense of well-being to feel good, to feel excited, to feel purposeful and to actually want to get up and go after that next-level success

✓ The confidence to step out of your comfort zone, to assert yourself in difficult situations, to stand in your power and to keep the important promises you make to yourself

I’m sure you’ve already figured this out.


I’m sure you’ve already tried to change those habits you know are limiting you

and to develop the new ones you know will ultimately change your trajectory.


But like the old habits themselves...


The way you’ve gone about trying to change things hasn’t worked...


Or hasn’t worked long enough to stick.

Creating consistent, meaningful output that helps you excel

and crush your goals requires that you get up each day with:

Canva - null.jpg

But here's the thing...


As women, we’re socialized to “have it all”, to “do it all”.

That belief creates unrealistic demands and expectations of us - nobody can do it all or have it all.

And frankly, we shouldn’t want to.

When we get caught up trying to do and be all the things, we spread ourselves too thin.

We waste precious time, energy and even money on things that don't mean enough, aren't important enough and won't catapult us to the next-level.

Failing to acknowledge this fundamental truth...

Means that you'll continue setting yourself up for failure.

The Truth?

Staying stuck in the trap of "do it all" and trying to #FlipTheScript on everything all at once just doesn't work.


❌There’s no strategy (Success is sequential!)

❌There’s no focus (It’s impossible to truly master - to truly assimilate - multiple things at once)

❌There’s way too much overwhelm (Your plate is already full, now you want to try to redesign all of your habits - the things that subconsciously run your life - all at once? I don’t think so…)

❌There’s too much confidence killing (Setting up yourself for failure time and again only results in one thing: you continue to compile proof that you can’t do it. Eventually, you create so much shame, guilt and self-doubt around trying to make positive changes that you lose hope in you ability altogether and whether you realize it or not, end up sabotaging your success even when you’re on the right path.)

I designed the Overhaul Incubator to


Here's why it works:​

This sets you up for success because it enables you to block out the noise, cut the overwhelm and get laser focused on the task at hand. When you do this, you’ll find it much easier (and more enjoyable) to develop each new high powered behavior.

✔️Rather than trying to take on everything at once, the FTP Challenge is set up to introduce you to ONE concept at a time

✔️The FTP Challenge is designed to flip the script and replace doubt and sabotage with CONFIDENCE.

In your old way of doing things you bite off more than you can chew, you get stressed out and overwhelmed, you fall off the wagon.

After a few more unsuccessful attempts to get back on,

you abandon the mission altogether.


Over time...this results in a collection of evidence that your brain uses to

“prove” your limitations exist and is what’s responsible for reinforcing self-doubt and self-sabotaging thoughts like “I can’t”...or “I won’t”.


When you’ve built enough limiting evidence up against yourself and your abilities, you knock yourself out of the game before you even start playing.

In the FTP Challenge, I’ll guide and support you through each new concept and behaviour change so that obstacles are met with solutions.


When that self-critical voice tries to take over, I’ll be there to point out and remind you of your wins.


I’ll be there to keep you standing in your power,

to help you keep those important promises you made to yourself

and to help KEEP YOU ON TRACK . 

Together, we’ll build so much evidence in your ability


that your Positive Proof portfolio will be bursting at the seams.

Self-doubt will be replaced with self-assurance

and your growing confidence

will continue to drive you toward -  and through - each

new challenge and big, needle-moving action on

your journey to NEXT-LEVEL SUCCESS.

✔️The FTP Challenge is all about STRATEGY and SEQUENCE.

The FTP Challenge is broken down into ‘mini’ challenges designed to help you focus on and master your new high powered behaviors. These mini challenges are structured strategically and sequentially so that each new high powered behavior creates a solid foundation for the next and each sequential behavior builds off and solidifies its predecessor. 


(Finally, a self-perpetuating cycle that actually works in your favor!)

✔️No 21 Day Fix b.s. here...

the FTP Challenge is designed to be more than a bandaid solution.

We used to think that 21 days was all it took to form a new habit however, mounting research sh