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The ancients knew  how inextricably linked the mind, body and emotions are

and now modern science is confirming it.

Stress, whether mental, physical or emotional, needs to be processed and released on a regular basis or we pay a very dear price.

For women, stress manifests in many forms like pain and stiffness in the body (hello neck, back, shoulders, hips and knees), headaches, impaired sleep, down-regulated immune function, exhaustion,

impaired cognition and reduced mood - to name a few.

None of this feels good and the reality is that life is just so much harder (and not nearly as fun)

when you don't feel your best.

The Problem
Is That...

Many women struggle to take time out of their busy lives to address this stress and perform critical maintenance on their bodies.

Creating a designated, intentional practice to clear physical, mental + emotional stress (and all the crap it brings with it) is critical to self-optimization...but women suck at doing it on their own.



Decompress + De-Stress is your much needed weekly ritual

of professionally-guided mobility, stretch, self-myofascial release, breath and energy work

strategically designed to release toxic stress and

optimize the way you feel physically, mentally and emotionally.

Image by Mor Shani

How it Works.

Decompress + De-Stress is a weekly, 45 minute slice of heaven delivered to you by me in a live, ladies-only virtual training session that you can take part in from your favorite cozy spot at home (or wherever!)

Upon signing up (sign up link below), you will receive

an email from me with your member's only link to log in and join the sessions as well as log in instructions, required equipment + tips that help you prepare for your sessions so that you get the very most out of them.

Show up and enjoy. All the planning and all the thinking will be done for you. All you have to do is show up to our virtual meeting room + allow yourself to be guided through the practice. 

Fall 2021 schedule for D+D sessions is weekly on Thursdays at 7-7:45pm mountain standard time.

Auto-Renewal + Cancellation: Upon signing up with the secure payment processor, your session pass will automatically renew each month. You can cancel anytime, no questions asked.

Get Started!
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What Women are Saying

Canva - Woman Jumping Wearing Green Backpack_edited.jpg


I've never been good at making time for stretching and mobility. These sessions gave me the accountability and the structure

to finally start

doing it regularly.

Sunset dance_edited_edited.jpg


I can't even  begin to tell you how much better I feel after these sessions. I sleep better, I move better, I feel better about life in general.  

Thank you!

Canva - null_edited_edited.jpg


I had no idea how much grief I'd been holding in my body after the death of a close family member until these sessions helped me release it. I feel so much

lighter now!

Canva - Athletic Girl Jumping_edited_edited.jpg


I never thought I'd get rid of my knee pain that was stopping me from wanting to exercise and

be active until

these sessions.

Thank you so much!!

Still have questions?

If you're excited about Decompress + De-Stress but you still have some questions you'd like to get ironed out before signing up,

I'm always more than happy to chat with you, to answer your questions and to help you find clarity

so you can make the best decision for you and your circumstances.

Get in touch with me here

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