It's time to Flip the Script on everything you thought you knew about fitness.

Women have been socialized to use fitness as a means to lose weight, to punish ourselves for what we eat and for being who we are.

We've been brainwashed to use fitness to shrink ourselves; to take up less space than we deserve, to doubt our worth...


and I'm SO not down with that.

I KNOW that fitness is a critical component in taking your success to the next-level.


It's the CATALYST that kickstarts and continues to fuel your daily high powered performance by hooking you up with the:



physical strength

mental grit

mood & brain optimization


discipline and



that you'll need if you're really going to LEVEL-UP and

start living fiercely true to your potential.

The problem is that women have been taught to use fitness in such disempowering and distracting ways that your relationship with exercise has been damaged

and it's power to serve and propel you has been lost.

That's where my expertise and coaching philosophy come into play...

I believe that losing weight is the least impressive thing women can do.

In fact, I don't give a sh*t about how much you weigh.

My approach to fitness flips a giant middle finger

to the industry norm of focusing on, and being driven by, weight loss.

Here's why:

I know that when you focus on weight loss and dieting, you'll feel exhausted, stressed out and totally demotivated.

I believe that focusing on weight loss is imprisonment - that it's entirely self-limiting.

I've seen how weight loss fixation distracts women from becoming stronger, more powerful human beings and from creating the kickass lives that we truly want.

In my experience, focusing on weight loss sets us up

for a fleeting sense of success, self-worth and happiness...


As ambitious, self-making women, that's SO NOT OUR M.O.

That's why I train women in way that enables us to use fitness as a TOOL.

A tool that helps us realize what we're truly capable of -


physically AND mentally, in the gym AND in real life.

A tool that enables us to achieve the inner CONFIDENCE...


the mental GRIT...


and the physical POWER


to get 'unstuck'...


to be COURAGEOUS enough...


to go out there and


I go against the fitness industry grain by working with my clients to shift the focus from training for weight loss to training for badass PERFORMANCE.


I  help my clients develop healthy, sustainable, life-altering results that

empower them to kick ass, DAILY.

I do this by flipping the script on limiting convention.

When you work with me...

We'll count things like how much weight is on the end of the barbell -

NOT how much weight is on the scale...


We'll celebrate things like cranking out your very first pullup - 

NOT skipping your first meal...


We'll set goals to hike mountains and cross the finish line at races -

NOT to lose 20 pounds and fit into smaller pants.


We'll train in a way that maximizes your output in a minimal amount of time - 

NOT the other way around.

The Result?

You'll become stronger physically...


tougher mentally...


and more confident in your capabilities and your body than ever before –

a powerful combination that will enable you 

to show up with full force in ALL areas of your life.

If you're ready to flip the script on playing small...

ready to say EFF IT! to self-limiting practices and beliefs...

ready to start living fiercely true to your potential...


Hi. Remember me, Coach Rhi?

I'm a certified personal trainer and the founder of Fempire Fitness.


I specialize in women's fitness and I've got your back.

As your High Performance Fitness Coach, I'm going to help you:

Implement an efficient, strategically-designed fitness ritual that fits your schedule and feels totally doable - not daunting. 


Get results by providing you with the accountability to actually show-up and challenge yourself with the frequency, intensity and consistency that's required to create meaningful change.


Ditch confusion for confidence knowing that you're doing the most effective workouts and getting the most bang for your buck each time you train.



Achieve peace-of-mind knowing that you're performing movements as safely and efficiently as possible to avoid injury while maximizing output AND your time.

Stay on track by providing you with customized modifications to address your daily individual circumstances and requirements (things like: experience level, pre-existing pain/injury, health conditions, stress, energy level etc.) so that you can still complete a highly effective workout and walk away with a sense of accomplishment...even on those not-so-great days.


Shift your relationship with exercise and your body so that movement starts to feel like something you actually like to do - something you GET TO DO - not something you dread.

Let's start kicking ass.

What is Your Goal?


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“Choosing to work with

Coach Rhi is one of the best things I've ever done. She empowers me to leave my comfort zones and push past the self-doubt that used to hold me back.”

Tammy S.

“You're a life changer, man. A positive, kick-ass life changer. You've helped me gain the clarity and direction I needed to manage the anxiety and overwhelm that kept me feeling stuck for so long."

Karen D. 

"Coach Rhi is an unbelievable human. This woman has changed my life - several times. The energy, habits and confidence I've gained are exactly what I needed to take my game to the next level."

Nicole T.

Not sure where to start?

I'll help you identify EXACTLY where you're at,

what goals are SPECIFIC and POWERFUL to YOU,

and what the BEST strategy is to


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