You’re an ambitious woman.


You made the decision to drive your own bus; to take charge and create a career and life

on your terms.


And when you take a minute to reflect, you’ve got to admit that you’ve already accomplished some pretty cool things -

things that most people don’t have the guts or the drive to even attempt.



You KNOW you’re capable of creating and delivering on more than you have been.


You KNOW that you’re meant for bigger things than what you’ve been stepping into.


AND...You KNOW that you’re falling short of your potential.

You’re here because that inner nudge, the one telling you it’s time for something more - something different - is starting to feel a little more like a cross check.

You’re here because it’s time to address that nudge.

You're here because you're fed up with being stuck on the hamster wheel.

You're here because you're ready to take your game to the next level -

you're ready to start playing big.

Doing that requires you to:

get powerfully aligned with your purpose

supercharge your energy and your confidence

build personal success systems that propel you

It requires you to get out of overwhelm...

out of burnout...

out of self-doubt...

and out of your own way.

I know you've been trying to do this.


I know you've tried rejigging things a million times to get all of the pieces to 'click' so you can start taking massive action, but nothing's worked well (or at least not consistently) enough to get - and keep - you performing in that 'sweet spot'.


I  know how intense the pressure is to get things dialed-in - to get your sh*t together - so you can stop feeling like a fraud and start doing the things that will enable you to provide for your people...to take care of your own needs...to be truly proud of yourself.

And I know what it's like to find yourself questioning if all of this is even worth it; if you'll ever stop spinning your wheels; if any of the big stuff will ever actually happen...

I get it. I've been there.

I know what it's like to want a giant 'pause' button to hit on the rest of the world - 

just long enough to get to get things figured out...to get caught up...to get ready...

and THEN tag yourself back into the game.

But there is no pause button.

You know that the clock is ticking.

You know that you can't afford to waste any more time -



you need to start living fiercely true to your potential, NOW.

And whether or not you want to admit it,

you know that if you're gonna make that happen,


Hi. Remember me, Coach Rhi?

I've been through it and figured it out.

I've got your back.

As your High Powered Performance Coach, I'm going to help you:

Move through and master the elements of my 4 High Powered Performance Pillars - the foundational ingredients for next-level success and the system that

I'll use to help you:

Create the energy and the headspace you need to consistently dig into big, needle-moving tasks so you can sustain high powered output and REAL traction


Build the physical strength and the mental grit you need to trust in yourself and your abilities so you can leave the comfort zones that are holding you back


Achieve the mental and emotional well-being you need to truly figure out what YOU want and need so you can get serious about your self-care and serious about your success



Align with your purpose for power to fuel the excitement, fulfillment and meaning you need to consistently drive focused motivation, obliterate misdirected effort and manage overwhelm


Bust out of the comparison trap and free yourself from the ‘perfection expectation’ so you can confidently get out there and show-up as your authentic self, share your message and voice your opinions


Own, and step into, your role as a leader so you can unapologetically introduce yourself, make key decisions, connections and impact


Establish key systems and routines to replace unhealthy self-perpetuation so you can stop repeating limiting behaviour and past mistakes that keep slowing you down


Design a fool-proof schedule to optimize your output, to manage all the different hats you wear and to preserve your sanity


Get the support and accountability to keep you standing in your power so you remain committed to yourself, your goals and your vision

Take a second to think about how your career - how your life - will look

when you finally get this stuff dialed in.

...You'll be healthier, happier and legitimately fulfilled.

You'll be more confident and more effective.

You'll wake up with a clear purpose and go to bed with feeling genuinely accomplished.

In other words, my fierce, female friend:

You'll be the high powered performer you know you're meant to be - 

You'll BE living fiercely true to your potential.

Let's start flipping the script on whatever's been holding you back.

Let's get you doing the BADASS things you know you CAN - and SHOULD - be doing.

Let's get you dominating your existence so you can start playing BIG.

Here's how to make it happen:


30 Day Coaching Partnership

Short-term coaching to ignite a powerful burst of laser focused insight and massive action


90 Day Coaching Partnership

Medium-term coaching to accelerate purpose-driven performance and powerful momentum


6 Month Coaching Partnership

Transformative coaching to lock-in sustainable output and bring forth the powerful evolution you need to dominate your existence.

“Choosing to work with

Coach Rhi is one of the best things I've ever done. She empowers me to leave my comfort zones and push past the self-doubt that used to hold me back.”

Tammy S.

“You're a life changer, man. A positive, kick-ass life changer. You've helped me gain the clarity and direction I needed to manage the anxiety and overwhelm that kept me feeling stuck for so long."

Karen D. 

"Coach Rhi is an unbelievable human. This woman has changed my life - several times. The energy, habits and confidence I've gained are exactly what I needed to take my game to the next level."

Nicole T.

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what goals are SPECIFIC and POWERFUL to YOU,

and if the Full Throttle Performance Challenge is the right fit for you.

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