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Booty Call Glute Building Sessions


Want to build the strongest, most aesthetically-pleasing set of glutes you've ever owned? You've come to the right place! Booty Call is a monthly membership that gives you access to private, ladies-only virtual glute training sessions led be me each Saturday from 10-10:45 am, MST. All sessions are designed to be done from home using household items to create the weight, the angles + the intensity required to stimulate ALL fibers of your glutes so you can create NEW STRENGTH + NEW STRONG CURVES. Trainings are strategically designed by me so that each training session lays a solid foundation for the next, and each subsequent training sessions helps you build off its predecessor to help you get better, faster results than you've gotten on your own or with other programs. After each session, I'll share a copy of the workout in the Booty Call Members-Only area so you can access it and repeat it in between sessions for maximum results. *Please Note: Every now and then some sessions will be delivered to you on Saturdays in a pre-recorded format. This will only happen in the event that I am sick, injured, or on holiday. Ongoing support will be provided to you for the duration of your membership and bonus resources like glute-specific warm-up and mobility routines will be added to your members portal. Want a discounted membership? Take advantage of my referral program to get discounts applied to your monthly subscription every time one of your referral signs up!



Booty Call, CA$80/month


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