Stop being held back by the way you feel.

Learn how to optimize your physical, mental, and emotional states so you can

start living freely, happily, and powerfully true to YOU.

Feel Better.

You do your best when you feel your best, right?



It shouldn't come as a surprise that states of low energy, low mood, pain, overwhelm, self-doubt, and lack of clarity wreak havoc on your ability to show up and live your best life.

This is exactly why I'm so passionate about

helping women get to a place where they FEEL BETTER -

physically, mentally, and emotionally.



Rhiannon Tarrant
aka, Coach Rhi

I'm Rhiannon, aka Coach Rhi, certified personal trainer, life coach, and nutrition guru with specialized expertise in women's health, empowerment, and performance.



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Learn how to properly activate and develop what are arguably the most important set of muscles in the human body - YOUR GLUTES.   Whether your motivation is shape + size, strength + performance, or pain + injury prevention, Booty Call has you (and your butt) covered. 

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Comes First

Each of us was put here to live freely and fully. We were put here to design an amazing existence for ourselves.

When we're stuck operating at suboptimal states, we get stuck, period.


We lack the clarity, the conviction, the confidence, the energy, and the overall state of wellbeing that's required to show up to enjoy go after what matters most to us.


Creating memories, building meaningful careers + relationships, taking care of ourselves + our loved ones, experiencing all the excitement and beauty that life has to all depends ENTIRELY on your ability to show up as your best self.

But women suck at taking care of themselves. We're notorious for putting ourselves last - if at all.

This has to change, and you know it. But the reality is that women need help, guidance, and support to make these powerful shifts. 

If you're ready to self-actualize, you've come to the right place. Check out my programs or contact me here and get ready to  finally  receive the support you need. Get ready ready to finally FEEL BETTER.